Aequitas Capital Investment SICAV

We are an investment fund dedicated to the development of apartment buildings in the Czech mountains. We offer so-called “second homes” in the most attractive locations and come with attractive investment opportunities.

Our common vision

The vision of Aequitas Capital Investment

The primary focus of Aequitas Capital Investment Fund is real-estate projects in attractive locations in the mountains of the Czech Republic.

So-called “second homes” outside the city that can be used for both personal recreation and renting have only been gaining in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic.

As people could not widely travel abroad, various services were restricted and there was a significant shift of work from offices to home offices, more and more people started to look for an alternative to living in big cities.

It is also thanks to this fact that investing in the construction of apartment houses in the Czech mountains has proven very attractive and profitable.


Wrote about us

History and future of the fund

In 2020 we established Aequitas Capital Investment a.s., an alternative investment fund under Section 15 of the ISIF Act. The alternative investment fund is registered on the ČNB list. In August 2021 a separate investment fund Aequitas Capital Investment SICAV a.s. was also established within the aforementioned group.

Our team

Fund Managers

JUDR. Jan Langmeier

Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Member of the Investment Committee

MGR. Filip Shrbený

Executive Director

ING. Jan Kollert

Chief Financial Officer

DELTA Investiční společnost, a.s.
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